Welcome to the Infection Game - Virus vs Host. In this game, a virus will try to infect one of your organs and spread from cell to cell. The virus can also mutate and evolve to spread even faster or to other organs. If it is not stopped in time, its actions may prove lethal...

But you do not have to let this happen! With the might of your immune system at your disposal, you can deploy cytokines, T-cells, antibodies and antiviral drugs to fight back and defeat the virus!

To win, contain the virus so it cannot spread sideways or downwards! Do this before it can reach the lowest row of cells!

Note: this game is best played on a laptop or desktop computer with a mouse.

Choose your difficulty level!
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Virus Traits
Replication Speed ???
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Immune System Traits

Created by Arwen Altenburg, Stephen Kyle, Ingrida OlendraitÄ—, and AJ te Velthuis for Cambridge Festival 2021.

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